RodMarks is printed onto premium clear cast vinyl (the best vinyl available) giving you the clearest background, cleanest printing and longest durability available. As a result your RodMarks decal will look incredible once applied to your fishing rod.

Each RodMarks decal has a layer of application tape applied that will help you lift the decal from the clear backing and prevents the chance of fingerprints. The actual decal is located between an application tape and clear backing layer. The application tape and the clear backing material will be thrown away after installation.

Step 1

Clean the surface of your fishing rod with isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol or Windex, and let it dry.

Step 2

Determine how you want to position the decal on your fishing rod. You will want to ensure that the decal is snug up against the handle at the base of your rod. If you will be crossing over any ferrules (the ferrule is the joint where the sections of a rod fit together) you will need a razor blade or sharp knife available.

Step 3

Hold the decal up to the light to observe where the edge of the decal is. To prevent fingerprints, avoid touching the sticky part of the decal itself. Only touch the application tape, which extends around the outside of the decal.

Step 4

Let the decal hang vertically and begin to slowly separate the two layers by peeling back the application tape, starting at the RodMarks logo. Once the clear backing material has been removed, grasp the other end of the decal with your other hand.

Step 5

You are now ready to apply your decal. Holding the decal at a slight angle, touch one edge of the decal to the surface of the rod at the base of the rod handle. Press the decal down evenly from left to right. The more even, direct pressure used in this step will help prevent air bubbles from being under the decal. You need to avoid repositioning your decal so work very slowly.

Step 6

Slowly peel back the application tape, the decal will stay on the surface of the rod, and the application tape can be discarded. The decal is now applied!

Step 7

Slide your finger (or a clean dry cotton towel) over the entire decal in each direction working to insure complete adhesion to the surface of rod.

Step 8

If your decal crossed over any ferrules you will need to cut your decal at this time. With a razor or sharp knife, carefully cut the decal at the joint. Separate the rod sections to make sure your cut is complete. Go back over the decal with your finger (or a clean dry cotton towel) and make sure the entire decal has been firmly pressed to the rod. Thats it, Lets go Fishing!